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Want to make it to the list of best-selling authors? Share your thoughts and ideas with us and actualize your dreams and ambitions. Our articulate and well-versed writers are here to help you in converting your thoughts into awe-inspiring tales and anecdotes.

Who are we?

Every innovation is the work of great mind and a powerful back-story. We at, Ghost Writers Guide, provide you with an opportunity to gain global audience for your stories and experiences. We are a ghostwriting company, accommodating all styles and genres of writings. From composing fascinating fiction storylines to creating original business content, we offer professional ghostwriting services across the globe. Our teams of stalwart and credible ghostwriters convert your fragmented thoughts and ideas into exceptional and well-composed articles and plots. From preliminary planning and rough drafts to the comprehensive compilation of your stories and articles, we make sure that everything is up to your standards and needs. Ghost Writers Guide provides you with the ultimate writing solution.

  • High-quality content and diverse writing styles
  • Teams of professional and versatile writers
  • On time delivery
  • Numerous writing genres.
  • Comprehensive writing drafts and agendas
  • Alliances with expert ghost writers.
  • Conforming to the client’s needs and requirements
  • Comprehensive discussions with prospective clients and customers.
  • An inclusive and stable network of ghost writer from across the globe.

What do we offer?

From composing and editing to updating and publishing, we at Ghost Writers Guide provide you with everything needed to get your name listed as one of the best-selling authors. Our ghostwriting company offers you a chance to collaborate with professional writers working and publishing content for some of the big names of the writing world. All you have to do is to choose a writer from our comprehensive network and list of ghostwriters for hire and leave the rest on us.

  • Payment methods: we provide you with numerous comprehensive and customer-oriented payment methods and plans to choose from.
  • Offered benefits: we accommodate all genres and professional ghostwriting needs and standards.
  • Reimbursements: our easy and comprehensive refund policy makes it easy for customer to claim their payments, if don’t concur with their standards and needs.
  • Non-disclosure policy: we customer-oriented discretion policies protect the confidentiality our clients and customers.
  • Assemblage of professional ghostwriters: having expertise in various and diverse writing styles and genres, we have a vast team of experienced ghostwriter
  • Online support: our proficient support team is always available to aid you through various online communication mediums.
  • Detailed research: we guarantee authenticity of research which helps in grasping all the available information and facts and figures.

 Ghostwriting services:

Looking for opportunity to tell your story to the whole world—we are the best storywriters in the digital world. Be it an inspirational biography, a tale on enthralling world beyond the galaxies or a case of uncovering the atrocities of a murder, the masteries of our professional ghostwriters reach different vicinities of writing. Our teams of well-trained and qualified ghostwriter assist you in reaching your milestones and targets.

Editing services:

Editing requires a keen eye and attention to every tiny detail, our team of editors and proofreaders make sure that the final document is error-free. The editing process entails exhaustive proofreading. Apart from professional ghostwriting services, we provide you with extensive editing services to ensure satisfaction and customer contentment

Publishing services:

To compose a worth-reading book or article you need assistance from ghostwriters and to get it published you need a connection with publishers and publishing agents. To save you from the frustrations and worries of energy-draining publishing process, we offer comprehensive strategies and services to get your content published by renowned publishers and publishing houses.

How do we do it?

We practice custom designed approaches and flexible process, best-suited for your required content. We at Ghostwritersguide make sure that your idea is successfully converted into a celebrated book.

  • Brainstorming the ideas and composing a rough draft.
  • Writing original content.
  • Error-free content after exhaustive editing.
  • Critical assessment and in-depth proofreading.
  • Proper formatting and appropriate typesetting.
  • International promotion of your book.

What we excel at?

If you are planning to produce a bestseller then Ghostwritersguide is the platform for you. Our ghostwriter aspire brilliance in a vast collection of genres and writing styles that consist of:

  • Non-fiction:

From financial and managerial reports and content to inspirational and political content and speeches, our expert ghostwriter for hire can document and manage non-fiction content proficiently.

  • Fiction:

Our team of ghostwriters are highly-skilled in converting your fictional world and story in to bestselling novel. From sci-fi and adventure to horror and suspense, our fiction ghostwriters for hire are capable to pen down everything a mind can imagine.

  • Biography:

Biographical writing requires exhaustive research and authentic data and information. Our team of biography writer study and analyze every available information and utilize every informational resource and publication to get a better insight about the person’s life.